Building radio system of UHLK



Ukranian sawhill holding company (UHLK) - environmentally friendly production of lumber and fuel pellets. The sawmill company is an up-to-date production facility, large warehouse and a network of transport communications.

In 2015, the largest project in Ukraine in the field of timber processing was set up - Ukrainian holding sawmill, which today produces quality lumber. The sawmill company is among the top ten largest sawmills in Eastern Europe.

The company "Ukrainian Mobile TeleSystems" LLC built an operational radio communication system on the site. The system is intended for maintenance of official activity of engineering and administrative personnel inside buildings and on the territory of the complex. The radio communication system is professional and personal, based on the digital two-way semi-duplex radio communication standard DMR.

This system uses Motorola SLR5500 repeaters with power up to 50 W using antennas installed on the walls of the buildings to ensure even coverage throughout the complex. As subscriber terminals, portable (wearing) radio stations Motorola DP1400 with power up to 5 W are used and motorized radio stations Motorola DM1400 up to 25 W are installed on technological transport.

The Ukrainian Mobile Telesystems Company was founded in 1996 and is active in the professional radio communications market, being the official Motorola distributor and system integrator.

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