The company Ukrainian Mobile Telesystems LLC was presented at one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in the country


Use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine

To use the system of operative technological radio communication on the basis of DMR standard, it is necessary to obtain a Permit for operation. The permit for operation is issued for each radio electronic device, installed at a location with specific geographic coordinates, with the definition of conditions for electromagnetic compatibility with other radio-electronic means and using specific frequencies.


DMR Standard

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is the standard for digital radio communications developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for professional mobile radio users (PMRs) in the framework of existing licensed frequency bandwidths with 12.5 kHz channels. , used in land mobile radio communication. In April 2005, the first release of the DMR - ETSI TS 102 361 was released, which describes the standard.


LLC "UMT" supports anticorruption program

The anti-corruption program is designed to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, to ensure law, order and public security, and is the basic document of LLC UKRAINIAN MOBILE TELESYSTEMS, which defines the principles and requirements aimed at preventing corruption and adherence to the norms of anti-corruption legislation, management, employees and others. persons who can act on behalf and on behalf of the enterprise.