Supplies of radio stations at NPPs "Energoatom"



State Enterprise "National Atomic Energy Generating Company (NAEK)" Energoatom "is the operator of all active nuclear power plants of Ukraine, established in October 1996. Its main purpose is to increase the production of electricity and the utilization rate of the installed capacity of the nuclear power plant, provided that the level of safety of the operation is constantly increased. Energoatom consists of four nuclear power plants with 15 power units - Zaporozhye, Rivne, South-Ukrainian and Khmelnitsky NPPs.

The Khmelnitsky NPP has two power units with a nominal capacity of 1000 MW each. The first power unit was put into operation on December 22, 1987, the second unit was put into operation on August 8, 2004.

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant located in the steppe zone on the shore of the Kakhovka Reservoir in the Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine, next to the city of Energodar. It is Europe's largest nuclear power plant in the world, and consists of six nuclear power units of 1 million kW each.

Rivne Nuclear Power Plant is the first in Ukraine nuclear power plant with an energy water-water reactor type ВВЕР-440. Located near the town of Varash in western Polissya, near the Styr River.

The safety of such strategic objects comes first and for the provision of operational radio communications, the company "Ukrainian Mobile Telesystems" LLC regularly provides Motorola radio stations, among them DM4400, DP1400, DP4400, DP4400e.

The Ukrainian Mobile Telesystems Company was founded in 1996 and is active in the professional radio communications market, being the official Motorola distributor and system integrator.
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