Deliveries of radio stations in the UN



The United Nations in Ukraine works with the Government and people of Ukraine to build a culture of dignity, due to understanding and respect for human rights, to ensure peace and transformation in Ukraine.

The UN system in Ukraine includes 18 funds, programs and specialized agencies accredited in Ukraine.

Each of these institutions works in accordance with its mandate, while at the same time agreeing on its work with the United Nations common strategy in Ukraine, which includes providing technical assistance on human development and humanitarian assistance, and based on respect for and observance of human rights.

LLC "Ukrainian Mobile TeleSystems" cooperates with various organizations of the organization, including the United Nations Office in Ukraine, the Bureau of the World Health Organization, the Office of the International Organization for Migration, where it implements the supply of Motorola radios. Gradually several consignments of radio stations were shipped, which were successfully integrated into the existing radio communication system.

The Ukrainian Mobile Telesystems Company was founded in 1996 and is active in the professional radio communications market, being the official Motorola distributor and system integrator.
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