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The National Guard of Ukraine is a military formation with law enforcement functions, which is part of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is intended to fulfill the tasks of protecting and protecting the life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine, society and the state from criminal and other illegal encroachments, protection of public order and public safety, as well as in co-operation with law-enforcement bodies - on ensuring state security and protection of the state border, the cessation of terrorist activities sti, of illegal paramilitary or armed groups (groups), terrorist organizations, organized groups and criminal organizations. As an independent power structure, there existed from 1991 to 2000 as a military formation with law enforcement functions based on the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the involvement of new military personnel on a voluntary basis from March 13, 2014. The total number - up to 60 thousand servicemen.

To perform reliable and timely radio communications, the company "Ukrainian Mobile TeleSystems" LLC cooperates with the National Guard of Ukraine from 2017 and provides them with high-quality and functional radio stations of Motorola to date. Portable radios DP4801e are supplied to various units and military units.

The Ukrainian Mobile Telesystems Company was founded in 1996 and is active in the professional radio communications market, being the official Motorola distributor and system integrator.
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