Motorola Ion Smart Radio


Motorola Ion Smart Radio

Motorola Ion Smart Radio

The Motorola Ion is the first business-ready communications device with full voice and broadband capabilities. It brings together renowned PTT performance, an open ecosystem of Android applications, and access to our unified technology ecosystem - from video surveillance and analytics solutions to best-in-class network security solutions and powerful new software and technology services such as intelligent virtualization. assistants.

With the Motorola Ion, teams stay connected across the network and devices. Business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified. And the capabilities your employees need are always available.
The intuitive touchscreen allows you to view high-resolution images, and the built-in camera allows you to stream photos and videos.

With the Motorola Ion, all the applications your business needs such as ticketing, scanning, searching, collaboration and more are included. In addition, the Ion gives you access to Motorola's unified technology ecosystem so you can take advantage of new smart capabilities such as smart virtual assistants and location apps.

 • Android platform
 • Ecosystem of open applications
 • Intuitive touch screen interface

Flawless sound quality lets you hear and be heard when it matters. Heavy-duty materials, including a durable touchscreen, are used internally and externally to provide exceptional impact resistance. User interface, design and engineering all combine to create a device you can rely on when you need it, no matter what.

 • Built for any conditions
 • Industry leading audio system
 • Ultra-durable touch screen
 • Long battery life

You can communicate seamlessly using voice and data on public and private networks. And seamless voice connectivity automatically switches you to broadband when you're out of range, so your connection stays on whenever you need it.

 • Dedicated PTT device
 • DMR (Mototrbo)
 • LTE
 • Wi-Fi
 • CBRS (Nitro)
 • Bluetooth

With cloud-based configuration and provisioning, remote updates, and real-time device monitoring, you can deploy and maintain your radios with minimal disruption and downtime. That way, your IT team can spend less time managing devices, and your employees can spend more time focusing and getting things done.

A multi-layered security approach provides multiple layers of security to prevent unauthorized device access and malicious activity, and to protect sensitive data. With the highest level of device and network security, combined with real-time threat monitoring, Ion allows you to confidently use Android data and apps - even over public networks.

 • Device protection
 • Application protection
 • Data protection

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