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Programmable Button Yes
Intrinsic Safety Standard ATEX
Audio Jack 3.5mm
Emergency Button Yes
IP Rating IP67
Volume Control Yes

Large Omni-Directional Remote Speaker Microphone (IMPRES) with Nexus plug

Omni-directional Microphone Belt Clip : Rotating with Metal Ring Acoustic: Wind porting Intelligent Audio: Yes Requires Radio Firmware version R02.40.01 or higher Secondary Audio Accessory Compatibility: PMLN7188 Voice Tube, RMN5123 HC1 Single Speaker Headset, GMMN4580 HC2 Dual Speaker Headset, PMLN7535 Tactical Neckband Headset, PMLN7531 Basic Neckband Headset, PMLN6087 Over-The-Head Heavy-duty Headset, PMLN6089 Tactical Hardhat Headset, PMLN6090 Tactical Over-The-Head Headset, PMLN6092 Basic Hardhat Headset and PMLN6333 Twin Cup Hardhat Headset